Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Easter Season's 50 Days of Celebrating

Jesus' resurrection affords believers ten days more than the sorrow-filled Lenten season's trek of 40 days. I relish that. The central core of our Christian faith, Easter Sunday all the way through Pentecost, gives me time to savor the season with family, friends, church, and more in a conscious way that isn't so common today about dwellers on Earth. The 'hurry' and 'too busy' addictive culture, the newest and latest numbing experience is staved off by me. I want no part of a society that is too busy and in a hurry. No way. Such frenetic times bring on physical, emotional and spiritual consequences that are deadly. For sure.

High Holidays for Marijuana Movement and 'Pot' and Nicotine Smoke Need Clearing of the Air Now for Victims

To breath fresh air. I love it. For sure. I bet you do also. Yet, when smoke gets in your eyes, and 'pot' smoke, or nicotine toxins fill my office at 2231 Caniff Avenue, Hamtramck, Michigan, victims' right to a 'Fresh Air' ordinance explode in the 'hood, on the streets, and, where I work with addicts who valiantly strive to remain in remission of heroine or cocaine, for example. And, these trigger smokes can cause my patients to relapse. For sure. In Warren, Michigan, the muscle-minded, Mayor Jim Fouts is aiming toward a 'Fresh Air' ordinance for people like me. Putting up with the aroma of 'pot' smells almost daily in my VENT-Line Interfaith Center for Counseling/Coaching, Inter-religious Dialog and Strengthening of Family, merits pressing up against nicotine and cannabis users. Apartment dwellers in the same building where I pay $600 dollar a month for rent of the front business space, invade my counseling office with their 'smoke,' and think little of it violating my right to fresh air. Go figure. After all, narcissistic personality disorder runs rampant like the high holidays of the marijuana movement these days. Yes, me, myself and I -- that's all some think about. With 40 million U.S. addicts walking around numbed from food, shopping, gambling, sex, caffeine, work, and, yes, nicotine and 'pot' smoke, you think homeland security would listen up and lead on this one now!