Thursday, November 5, 2015

Stewarding We Go!

Light switch on in the bathroom. When done, I turn it off. Yes, I do. While in there, flush, when done. Wash hands, wipe dry, or, power dry 'em. Waste not, want not! Where did I hear that from? Was it from my mother, or, my father, both farming-town youngsters who came to Detroit to find factory jobs in their early teens from Cheboygan and Port Austin, MI. They used every minute well, it seemed to the seven of their children with two sets of twins when diapers were cloth, and, far from the 'throw-away' today. Waste! Got to hate it, right? Senate Bill 1150 seeks to change the Michigan Vehicle Code to limit the gross total weight of trucks, not to exceed 80,000 pounds. Got to give it to Michigan State Senator Steve Bieda pressing to pack more gently on the asphalt, even though this time 'round it went down like a flat tire! Speaking of fledgling roads, the good Senator is concerned about declining gas tax revenues caused by increased vehicle fuel economy that has resulted in a significant drop in fuel tax revenue, notes Bieda, representing Warren, MI., a blue-collar town in a fest-shrinking middle class. Whether the light switch, saving water at the sink, or elsewhere on the lawn, for example, a little bit of enlightenment and information helps us all conserve and be wise stewards of time, talent, treasure, and trees, too! Anyone out there today who will lighten the burden on roads these days, and, be a 'light' to the world saving some, somehow today? After all, it's Stewardship Sunday across Catholic congregations today! The power of oneness may be the answer in the living Temple of the Holy Spirit that get to give an accounting at the general and particular judgement day when my final breath of living energy ebbs.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sunday's Sermon: A Homily

Friendship. We all have one or two. And, tons of acquaintances. For sure. I learned that from the famous Father Edward Popielarz, a parish priest of the late Saint Thomas the Apostle Parish where my family of nine, including two sets of twins, worshiped, and, went to school. Ruth and Naomi were friends. Really good friends. They were faithful and true like a 'best' priest friend, and, a high school chum from the East Side of Detroit, my Motown - another friend of a town! That's another sermon, however. Committed friends. Ruth and Naomi, Biblical friends way back. They were. Side by side, heart to heart, they spoke, shared, and, I bet they cried also, at times. Both characters of the Sacred Scriptures - the Living Word of God that you and I walk these days in our limbs and legs and living Temples. Small in stature compared to the love God has for you and me, among all others, including creatures that crawl the earth. God's love is huge. A really big heart. In fact, unimaginable for us frail, limited and at times sinful humans. Yep. I can't imagine the size, let alone an adequate Name for the largesse of the Maker of men and women like me, like you, all of us here today giving praise to God at this Liturgy of the Word and the Eucharist (a Greek word that means 'thanksgiving'). Feeding here on the living Word and easting of the Body and Blood of Christ with the communion of Saints. With Mary, the mother of God, her mom, Saint Anne, Saint Lawrence, the deacon,and, the entire heavenly host of all saints such as you and me, and, the officially canonized Saints. Even those "poor souls" in Purgatory that we all prayed for, I bet. That feast we marked November 2nd, called All Soul's Day. So many saint among the dead and the living, and...among the Living forever, for eternity. Be blessed these holy days all the way to Thanksgiving Day, and beyond. Give thanks. For saints. For friends. Acquaintances also. And, for friendship with God, with Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the Trinity. Be one. Be a friend. Befriend one or two, and reach out if you need one. Know, however, that God is a Friend forever especially at those low points, down moments that come and go like the spiritual life, like consolation and desolation, the 'ups and downs' of living daily lives. Like the roller-coaster at Edge-water Park on Seven Mile near Telegraph. Anyone remember?