Saturday, July 26, 2014

Surprised by Scripture by N.T. Wright

Wright engages contemporary issues in his latest tome.

A formidable figure in Christian though and Scripture, Wright takes on topics on ordaining women, idolatry, politics, the historical Adam, science and religion, the Apocalypse, and hopeful people.

I couldn't get back to finishing Wright's book each time I put it down.

It reads easily and is a head-turner.

Clergy would do well to sit down and discuss it together once they git it the attention it deserves.

'Be kind to Each Other'

That's the message, Michael Balcomb, president of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, shouted Thursday at Detroit's Belle Isle State Park.

The remarks were made at the 50-state bus tour recalling the International Unification Church founder's automobile trek across the USA, including Belle Isle, five decades ago. Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who was imprisoned, began Unification in Korea.  One local leader said Moon was to finish what Jesus didn't complete.

Aim of the spirited memorial at a parcel of land with a rock and marker on it, and, a tree planted there at Belle Isle is to revitalize the nation, organizers said.

"What governments cannot do for peace, people of all faiths who love, can bring peace to Palestine and Israel," said Balcomb.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Thomas Jefferson said that on freedom of religion.

"Truth will set you free."  - Jesus the Christ.

A Favorite

Lord, I am Yours,
and I must belong to no one but you.

My soul is yours, and must live only by you.

My will is yours,
and must love only for you.

I must love you as my first cause,
since I am from you.

I must love you more than my own being,
since my being subsists in you.

I must love you more than myself,
since I am all yours and all in you.


                                      - Saint Francis de Sales

At 313, Happy Birthday, Detroit! July 24, 1701 - Feast of Saint Sharbel Makluf, Priest Matthew 13:10-17

There will be a long, colorful sheet cake with 313 candles and lots of lit up faces celebrating my native birthplace, my Motown Motor City's 313rd birthday, tomorrow at Belle Isle State Park at East Grand Boulevard at Jefferson in Detroit, Michigan USA.

Happy birthday, ole friend! 

I love you Detroit, MI.,!

A 50-state bus tour recalling the Reverend Sun Yeong Moon's automobile pilgrimage across the USA fifty years ago to Detroit's Belle Isle, among the other States, will roll int town at about 1 pm Thursday, July 24, 2014, the exact date of Detroit's founding in 1701.

Prayer and praise will powerfully be part of the crowd's regional reconciling of religions also.  Interfaith clergy will sprinkle water from the Detroit River to cleanse of feuds over doctrine and more, over the centuries.

Not to mention the music ministry with Steve Maestro Thompson of the Lord's Side Ministry, and long-time music minister at Detroit area Catholic churches including St. Charles on Baldwin Street not far from Martha Reeve's home where she grew up. She recently came home to mark her own birthday with Motown!

One family under God.

That's the theme of gratitude enveloping Thursday.

And, on Friday, August 29th, from 5:30-7 pm, current and former Detroiters will share good news about Detroit in Main Street Restaurant, 1985 Jefferson Avenue.  All are welcome to come and share the news that Detroit is up and running and open for business despite its filing for bankruptcy a year ago.

Come and see!

"It is error alone that needs the support of government.  Truth can stand by itself,"  founding father Thomas Jefferson said,, addressing freedom of religion.

And, of course, Jesus the Christ said:

"The truth will set you free."

And, with food for all, and more, everything seems to be heading to our jewel of a Park Thursday for a big Detroit  birthday bash!

Friday, July 18, 2014

A Bishop Is Called to Task

The New York Times called for a bishop to resign in its op/ed pages today.

Investigations seem to be uncovering disturbing truths, let alone allegations.

A local bishop doesn't think he will resign, however.

Pressure on him presses on daily.

How can he endure the ache and push to surrender?


Some time ago, I called his office and wanted to ask this bishop to do a courageous thing.

His affect seemed flat.

I didn't have the heart to tell him then.

Weeks later, I called his office again asking his priest secretary to give him a message.

He replied that he would.

I trust he did.

Media is all abuzz about this story.

Honesty is the best policy.  Whoever one is, she or he is set free by the truth.

In all humility, I know.

God is in all this always.

The bishop will do the right thing, I hope, sooner than later.

Let's pray he will as his parishioners applaud his accepting who their Shepherd is leading them.


It is exciting to walk the streets near Chene and Jefferson in zip code 48207.

Near the Elmwood Park Library, a walk in the mall next to the high rise is telling.

All of God's people are here.

One gals walks about with a can of beer in a brown bag.  Children are skateboarding.

A crowd of men are drinking in the shady area of this park.

They join the small group of us under a tree sitting on the benches nearby as we rap about God and more.

They are engaging people.

Seemingly honest also.

Meaningfulness is what they seek, it seems, but, what would I know.

However, I do believe, they love life in their quest for more.

I love ministering with them all.

Respect is key in all we say and do.

We will return tomorrow under the same tree.

Join us.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Dead Wrong

How psychiatric drugs kill your child and what you can do about it is a DVD presented by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.

Two years in the making, this riveting video lays bare the destruction wrought by psychiatrists upon every sector of our society.

Graphic eye-opening stories of mothers who watched their own daughters or sons die after drugs changed their brains, medical experts, among others, listen to victims in this devastating account of psychiatric abuse ever produced.

1 323 467 4242 or 1 800 869 2247

CCHR International
6616 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90028 USA

Rediscoverying My Motown, Detroit, MI.,August 29, 2014

Open up your mind and heart and rediscover Detroit, Michigan, August 29, 2014 from 5:30-7 PM in Main Street Grill and Coney Island, 1985 E. Jefferson in downtown Detroit.

A French word, "Retrouvaille" means "rediscover."

Former and current Detroit residents are meeting to share "good news" stories about the City and their experience of it.

Enjoy a meal in the private space at Main Street, hear personal urban legends, and other stories about growing up, being educated, and, leaving and returning to Detroit again.

Weeks ago I moved back into Rivertown off of Jefferson at McDougall.  A whole world awaits me to unfold and open up what seemed impossible in a city building up from the ashes.

Good news is possible here in the heart of Detroit where I've been spending time in the Elmwood Park Community at Chene/Jefferson hearing the hearts of an engaging community who smile, laugh, live and love like the rest of humanity.

Trust me.

Come home again.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Listening to Love

No one wants to be taught, to be criticized, to be blamed, to be reminded, to solve problems, or to be minimized when all one wants at any given time is to be listened to by another.

True more so of a child.

When people want to correct and criticize me when all I want is for her or him to listen to me, engaging in dialogue becomes a chore, if not impossible.

Children want a safe place to open up to mom or dad, or, to a mentor, or more.

Since a parent feels responsible for a child's wellbeing, she or he may want to always correct, teach, or influence the child in some way.

Taking time to listen is a skill learned and earned over time.

Adults may get turned off to another person when he or she insists, or rants on and on in an effort to convince the other of another perspective.


Plan now to participate in "Celebrating the Smart Step-Family," Thursday, Aug. 21, 2014, 5:30-7 PM in La Dolce Vita Restaurant, 17546 Woodward, Detroit, 48203, blocks north of McNichols.  Enter through the back at secured parking.  Free. 

Learn to recognize the unique personality of each family member; solve everyday puzzles of steparenting and stepchildren relationships; learn communication skills to deal with former spouses;
honor families or origin while developing new traditions; and learn to invest the time to grow a stepfamily slowly rather than look for instant results in a hurried, often frenetic culture of speed as the new drug running rampant.

Call (313) 530 2777 for more information on building families and mending conflicts and fractures.


Monday, July 7, 2014

34-year-old Polish Festival July 11-13, 586 264 7990

Move over red, white and blue!

On the tails of Independence Day, the ethnic Polish-American community is gearing up for another of its outstanding events that draw thousands each year.

Polonia - the widely-popular Polish-American community is moving in with its 34th annual American-Polish Century Club festival and craft show next weekend at 14 Mile Road and Maple Lane in Sterling Heights, MI.

With all things Polish guests can expect stuffed cabbage with turkey or beef, pierogi, "city" chicken and potato pancakes, including piwa - Polish beer, and the famous Polka dance with a wild kick to watch out for when moving.

See you at the festival for food, fun and friendship.