Thursday, February 16, 2017

MORNING Fresh air fills me this new day. The sun shines. God's son, Jesus, and me, others, and all may radiate in a new way with a smile amid a trial, for example. Then comes the morning -- the song comes to mind. It does. Light breaks forth from the dark day's passing. Illumination. Movements of the spiritual life move in from masking and pretending to purging the masquerading, to divine union of consolation and blessing and favor. Masks are removed, and, I am told I am loved by Someone far beyond by understanding. I surrender to the greatest One. As I am, I am affirmed. Light pokes. Love lights me up, so to speak. Oneness within God enters now. One. Nice. Even sweet! I am one with the Maker in the Circle of Life. Divine union. A light pokes forth fresh. It does. It's morning. I am forever grateful for a new day. I am.
ON THE MOVE AND MORE Like a gypsy I am on the move. From one cherished home to another that is not right and flawed. And, homes of hospitality, and, a guest room I stay with joy . Non one takes my joy. I can only surrender it. Yet, a flaw is not disclosed in the selling documents of one recently purchased home. I am disappointed. What can I do? Sad. But, I move on. . . with the help of the Creator who is in it all somewhere. Somewhere! Where, however, I do not know. I don't know. From home to home I visit my people, my favored flock. I stay some time and travel to the next relative's domain, or, friends' hospitality from Livonia, MI., to Roseville, to Romeo. All will be well. I try not to fool myself. But, all will be well. I move on. Stay focused and centered and move on. Motion. Locomotion. Expression and I traverse and enjoy what is present to me. God is there. Grateful gratitude envelopes me. I am thankful. Amen.
THE DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL: Not to be Anxious. . . Anxiety. One is affirmed to be not anxious. The great and inspiring scriptures of the faith traditions, including, Christian writings and THE WORD OF GOD, affirm to be secure in the Ground of all being, namely, God. Yet, one is. I am. Anxiety is real. I went through it. It is dark. A black tunnel. It is a deep hole. An ache within. Indescribable until I identify it as anxiety. I name it. I claim it as my own. And, by the grace and favor and blessing of the Maker, I tame it in time. I do! A grateful heart endures again. Fresh air I feel. An appetite is restored. Joy comes in the morning. Night passes. Anxiety is useless. But, it reminds me to be in motion. After all, the opposite of it is expression. I do something meaningfully and move on out of it. I change my physical place, get out of the house, visit someone in the hospital, or, the jail, or my siblings. I pass through the dark night of the soul. A childhood friend told me that in his own tired being all he could pray was: God, help me!