Monday, June 6, 2016

Beyond a Boxer, He Was the Greatest!

"I am the Greatest," declared Muhammad Ali who just died. He may have been silenced but this distinguished man still stirs discussion everywhere, it seems. He does. A principled guy for peace and justice he brought home prisoners of war in the first Gulf War, history records. Muhammad was misunderstood much the same way Detroit bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton is not understood for his bringing back home prisoners of war from Vietnam. Gumbleton was called a communist by those who hardly knew him, including some of my family members. Muhammad needed to say that he was the greatest. It was a mantra that marked him as a victor beyond being a victim that many Blacks were branded. Like Pope Francis who is declared a socialist by some, I find myself saying, "Hello, Bergolio is from Argentina, and the Gospel of Saint Luke tells of how the early Way of Jesus shared everything in common. They did. So, what does that make Americans and the man of the hour, namely Ali? We need voices like Ali. Like Gumbleton. Like the Biblical prophets who speak up. They speak truth to power. They stir wrestling within most of us when we get right down to it. We don't like the trust, or, we can't stand the truth. In turn, Martin Luther King, Jr., among others were murdered. Like Jesus who stood up for the "least among us" when others simply sat down. He did. Do we need loud and clearly, clarion-calling voices against violence today? Sure do! While youngsters are mass murdered daily in urban setting, outspoken women and men need to speak up. We have to stand up for the little children who have no voice of their own yet. Who will be the greatest and speak up for the little lambs, so to speak? Who? Ali was the greatest because who sided with the little women and men of America. He was a boxer, for sure. But, beyond boxing, I enjoyed hearing his heart and wisdom unfold with truths. So many trust did Ali tell. Muhammad Ali may be dead, yet his 'bites' do bite us in the collective conscience of a Nation that must choose a path for single-parent households, for boys and girls who need mentors when dads or moms abandon and neglect them. Let the next generation of the greatest, please arise? You are needed as much as Ali, Gumbleton, other prophetic voices who refuse to be quiet even after their final breath. Their truths ring and resound in our ears. Lawrence Matthew Ventline is a Catholic pastor who has been a board certified professional counselor for four decades. Father Ventline is a native of Detroit, MI. Reach him at,

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Floppy discs were in. Back in '76. Microsoft deleted the hyphen between micro and soft. And, along with many others, I said "I do" to a covenant agreement as John Cardinal Dearden ordained me a Catholic pastor on June 4, 1976 in the late Saint Thomas the Apostle Church, Detroit, Michigan USA. To mark milestones of married couples, ministers, and those turning "40" anything, for example, we're meeting in a Mass Mob celebration in the second oldest Catholic edifice in the United States, Sainte Anne de Detroit, Sunday, June 5th, at 12 Noon in the church that the University of Michigan co-found and most famous pastor, Father Gabriel Richard, led for years. Father Richard also ran for, and, won public office when priests were permitted to serve in elected positions. The vibrant liturgy with trumpets and more will honor anniversary milestones of all kinds turning '40.' Welcome all! Ste. Anne Church is located at 1000 Ste. Anne Street next to the Ambassador Bridge in downtown Detroit, MI. Then, Thursday, August 25, 2016 in Saint Lazarus Serbian Orthodox Cathedral at 4275 Van Dyke at East Outer Drive in Detroit, just south of Eight Mile Road, the 33rd Annual Missing and Murdered Molly Bish Benefit Day will be observed along with the 25th Anniversary of Care of the Soul and Companions Counseling & the All-Faiths Festival. A complimentary meal will be served. Please reserve your seat with Lori Tims at, or, 586 925 7617 ASAP. 40 is big and mentioned hundreds of times in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures. That number -- 40 -- usually refers to deliverance from captivity and exodus to a promised land, such as the Israelites deliverance from the Pharaoh of Egypt into Palestine. The big 40. 40. 40 years ago was the year 1976. Moments and milestones marking deliverance to promise, purpose and more, praise God!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Soccer town in Detroit with the national guard to bring in holy order

Bring on the soccer stadium in the 'hoods. Who needs another jail in this Nation, let alone Detroit. Let the National Guard put order into the disorder. Holy Order. We need it. Fledgling family needs it. I like that. Come on to town, N.G. Come now. Order. Stylish. Something different from guns, bullets and no roses with a fragrance of Jesus' the model for healing and hope. Unarmed and unconditional love. Try it for a change.

National Guard may put order into the disoredered homes, dysfunctional Nation in denial, opiate offenders, and more....just for today. Ride into town, and, please help us save our kids from the family while you are at it.

Any one support that the Natonal Guard come to town? Tell us. We will pay you well from drug money and babymaking, they all tell me. Quite a racket in venture capitalism? Let the media know also.

Time for the National Guard to come into our urban killings of kids

It is. Marge Hallman, my 25-year aide for Care of the Soul and Companions' Counseling All Faiths Festival will host a clergy and civic leaders' meeting as we go down memory lane and remember Molly Bish and her kidnapping in West Warren, MA., and her demises decades ago. A lovely high school junior at her lifeguard post, she disappeared one morning. And, never showed up until a hunter found parts of her foot in the woods while hunting. Molly's parents have never been the same. Care of the Soul's A-FF is twenty-five...and I'm 40 years at 'pastoring' at Chene and Lafayette in downtown Detroit and the Pope Park in Hamtamck, MI.. Complimentary people there. I love em all. I boss says he's doesn't trust my pastor care. Sure glad this Kingdom worker knows that God loves it all. God does. Thanks, Maker of women and men!

the fight of the padre vs. the glass at firn hill

Silence is golden. Being sick has its ways...keeps my mouth shut...except to cry over this last dual I fought with a thick and transparent glass door. Lost again. We all do win some and lose some. Yes!

Birds in the Glass Windex Commercial

You may say I kind of felt like those birds in the Windex commercial on television. I walked into what I thought was a glass door. It was a glass panel at Firn Wood in Clinton Township, MI. After a funeral luncheon, I was exiting the building when I noticed a crowd of smokers blocking the exterior doors where I needed to leave. So...I decided to move east to the other end of the building to secure an exit. Well, every other door was locked from the inside, go figure. As I moved to the reight I was what looked like a door that was propped open. Wrong. It was a glass panel. No, I did not make it through the glass. Transparent glass wall: One. Ventline: Zero. Plus a closed head injury with a severe migraine headache. Add post traumatic stress disorder after rattling my brain. Nothing was like this since I walked into my brother, Lukas' baseball bat when I was twelve, I guess. No marks from that, Tom, I assured me, handing me my two copies of a DVD imaging from the Cat Scan...three words he repeatedly said. Yet, I can't remember. Don't get older. Mind goes. And, you may walk into an imaginary glass door...that is really a glass wall. Time me Sam What a trip. Stay home at my age? I doubt it. Life is full. So full. I will get through this tunnel also. Amen!