Monday, March 16, 2015

Paddy's Day

Druids clans captured the son of a Roman deacon, the tale be told.

Patrick escaped to France from Ireland.  In France, he studied to be a priest.

Then, Patrick, returned to the Green Isle to get the snakes and serpents out of Ireland.

Consequently, March 17, marks Saint Patrick's Day, a patronal feast day sandwiched into the Christian penitential season of Lent, meaning "springtime," and Saint Joseph's Day, the 24-hour celebration of what Polish people claim as "our saint."

However, either day amid intense prayer, fasting and charitable giving is welcomed by believer.

This 40-day period that ends at Mass of the Lord's Supper on Holy Thursday, a day before Good Friday when bells sound loud and church lights illuminate edifices across the universe.

In the end, however, after all is said and done, Easter Sunday, April 5th, triumphs over Lent with 50 days to celebrate Christ's resurrection from the dead.

That's Good News.

And, that is central to Christian theology, the distinguished study of God by women and men across the planet(s).

Any way, Saint Patrick's Day can be extreme with green beer, whiskey and many toxic ways that could be sinful for celebrators of Patrick.

Take Sunday, for example, as I walked among and worked the crowd at Michigan Avenue/Trumbull, and beyond with a parishioner from the second-oldest Catholic Church in the U.S., Saint Anne, by the Ambassador Bridge, revelers were numb from beer by 1 pm when we arrived to greet the faithful.

Ah....the humanity in all of us!

And, Patrick, who gets blamed for most of the mess and debris left in the streets.

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