Monday, May 4, 2015

Racial Reconciliation

The candid pastor pressed me, and, asked if I understood. "Listen to me," the wise and experienced Reverend told. What he said to me after the meeting made what he was cryptically saying during the session all the clearer as day. A white mayor, he implied, is getting a new fleet of buses, and more for my Motown that was in receivership. He spoke vividly now as a group of us listened intently. Like fledgling families and 40 million addicts across this Nation, the gap between the community and law enforcers these days, and,the gap in the home and school need intense communications. As in the neighborhood. People need to talk and know one another as families need restoration as the anchor of society, and,are the glue of a community and Nation. It all will take bridge building. That will be no easy task. But,worth it. For sure. It will be an economic spike also. Like the pastor and me. We talked until I finally understood what he meant about a white mayor. A pause to ponder. Worthy of thinking about.

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