Monday, October 19, 2015

OCTOBER 25, 2015 Sunday's Sermon: A Homily Based on John's Miracle Story of the Blind Beggar

A family went to Africa to hunt lions. Dad and mom wanted to do this as a dream of their lifetime. Lions seemed lazy, they all thought. Outraged at the lifestyle there, they judged the Nation as one filled with people who could changed everything if but they were motivated like Americans, dad and mom concluded. "We will never return here again," they declared. And, the kids agreed. As a matter of principle, the parents taught their children to never give cash to beggars. To any of the street beggars, and anybody else. You just never know what they want the loot for? Can't trust anyone? When they returned home they showed their photos to others they frequently visited in their upper-scale community. They agreed that they wouldn't visit there ever again, also. Do you have any sympathy for the poor and needy, one relative inquired. How can you feel for lazy, unmotivated people, anywhere? they shot back.

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