Saturday, January 2, 2016


We like fresh. We do. Fresh bread, a sizzling, newly-baked apple pie, and more. This New Year urges me to pay attention. That is, to wake up. To awaken. To arise from any slumbering from addictiveness to sugar, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and all other substance and process attachments that numb me. To be present when with another. I will try to be awaken and be present to whomever is in front of me whether a wise elder at Oakmont Retirement Facility in Sterling Heights, Michigan where I preside with Mass each Saturday at 3 pm. Or, at the Macomb Jail on Groesbeck and Elizabeth in Mt. Clemens, MI., where I minister every Monday. At home in Harrison Township I will be attentive to Cara, my Chihuahua puppy who is a delight, a companion, and a breath of fresh air almost every moment we may meet in the home where I live, pray, entertain, study, work and cook. Fresh. We all like it. Fresh time requires fresh approaches and solutions. Otherwise, will I expect that the same results will repeat again? A bless Christmas season through the Baptism of Jesus the Savior, and, a Blessed and awakening Fresh New Year! May the Force be with you! The awesome positive One. For sure!

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