Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Floppy discs were in. Back in '76. Microsoft deleted the hyphen between micro and soft. And, along with many others, I said "I do" to a covenant agreement as John Cardinal Dearden ordained me a Catholic pastor on June 4, 1976 in the late Saint Thomas the Apostle Church, Detroit, Michigan USA. To mark milestones of married couples, ministers, and those turning "40" anything, for example, we're meeting in a Mass Mob celebration in the second oldest Catholic edifice in the United States, Sainte Anne de Detroit, Sunday, June 5th, at 12 Noon in the church that the University of Michigan co-found and most famous pastor, Father Gabriel Richard, led for years. Father Richard also ran for, and, won public office when priests were permitted to serve in elected positions. The vibrant liturgy with trumpets and more will honor anniversary milestones of all kinds turning '40.' Welcome all! Ste. Anne Church is located at 1000 Ste. Anne Street next to the Ambassador Bridge in downtown Detroit, MI. Then, Thursday, August 25, 2016 in Saint Lazarus Serbian Orthodox Cathedral at 4275 Van Dyke at East Outer Drive in Detroit, just south of Eight Mile Road, the 33rd Annual Missing and Murdered Molly Bish Benefit Day will be observed along with the 25th Anniversary of Care of the Soul and Companions Counseling & the All-Faiths Festival. A complimentary meal will be served. Please reserve your seat with Lori Tims at, or, 586 925 7617 ASAP. 40 is big and mentioned hundreds of times in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures. That number -- 40 -- usually refers to deliverance from captivity and exodus to a promised land, such as the Israelites deliverance from the Pharaoh of Egypt into Palestine. The big 40. 40. 40 years ago was the year 1976. Moments and milestones marking deliverance to promise, purpose and more, praise God!

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