Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Compassionate Cities

Are people compassionate?

Are cities?


People are scrambling to become compassionate cities these cities from Washington, D.C. to Louisville and Detroit.

And, their shining a spotlight on compassionate actions of every private and public life.

Factors determining who qualifies is the amount of money a city gives to social causes, numbers of volunteers, nonprofit organizations, and data from various sources.

I'm impressed with Appleton, Wisconsin Compassionate Cities handing out paper for youn people to draw their impressions of compassion. 

They did.

I thought we were born with compassion, weren't we?

Do we lose it, forget it, fail to act on it after a while?

It seems like it's a lot easier just being compassionate to one another.  Organizing compassionate cities seems like a tough task managing compassion.

Go figure.

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