Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Getting Older, Forgetful

How amazing it is when a friend has short-term memory loss and little, if any, appetite.

From a vibrant woman who cared for her father much of his life, to leading single's groups, and, eventually the senior crowd, she broke her hip recently and that seems to be doing her in some.

I mean, she's gingerly walk about with her walker, seems more frightful now, and, is in need of sitting more often to rest her mending hip.

She even admits she has no appetite when I noticed she didn't touch the food in the refrigerator from Sunday.

That was on Monday evening when I visited her.

She ate a bit of pita bread with the garlic cream after some resistance, however.

Not much, however.

Time for 'meals on wheels.'

Time for more pastoral care and counseling to enable her to rid that depression.

What to expect when one gets older and trips and falls, I guess.

Not what I would like.

No way.

Yet, it is sad to watch one fail and fade, after such a spirited  and enthusiastic life.

You win some and lose some in life.

And, then. . .

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