Saturday, February 8, 2014


With my twin sister, Patti, 65 years of living are celebrated Feb. 9th.

She's older, of course by a few minutes.

Ladies first, you know!

Over this time I've learned:

1)  Life is short, live it to the fullest;

2)  To keep it positive since others may want to dwell on the negatives side of life's roller-coaster like desolation and consolation;

3)  Without prayer, I am a noisy gong and an empty cymbal to paraphrase Paul from the Christian scriptures;

4)  Rest is as vital as exercise to wellness;

5)  Laughter makes the trek most enjoyable;

6)  Envy, jealousy and other evils run rampant.  But, goodness has the final word with God.

7)  Relating is most important in building bridges, and more.

8)  Being a pastor and a counselor 37 years affords me the luxury to watch people mend and morph.
9)  Good news is that,  GOOD!

10) Keep life simple and move ahead giving and forgiving all the way to heaven, unless one has other plans.

11)  What goes around, comes around.  It does!

12)  Prayer does work.  Asking allows me to receive from the Maker who is so generous, praise be to God all the time.

13) Even when it seemed that I had little, I had enough.

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