Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Library

An hour at the library can give one the impression that this is a different world from the one I grew up into on Detroit's East Side in the 50s.

Of course, libraries are bigger than the small parish school library at Saint Thomas the Apostle Church on Miller and Townsend.

Yet, when I visit to do some reading and internet work, the tone is one of anxiety as people are looking for a job online, and more.

Facial expressions, and outbursts of anger are common while people sit at one of the eight computers available in this small suburban library on Gratiot, just north of Fifteen Mile Road.

During my lunch break, I find this adventure a rewarding one.

It helps me stay in touch with what people are experiencing daily.

Once, someone passed me a note asking me if I was a priest and then quickly printing that his mother didn't want him living at home anymore.

When I had a chance to respond, he didn't want me to visit him and his mother at home.

So much for reality.

Life is a challenge.

I love every moment of it.

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