Saturday, October 4, 2014

Faithfully Yours: Hello Fall, My Old Friend!

I've come to talk with you again.

With thanks to "Bridge Over Troubled Water" singers Simon and Garfunkel.

Fall-like feelings fill, even flood my soul as summer gave way to its sunny rays.

Darker days envelope me as I await the Artist's coloring of the green leaves with orange and gold and brown.

My walk even seems to quicken as I tend to jump over fallen leaves as I aim to let them be.

Fall's procession reminds me of my own feet pressing the ground's soil and soon-to-fall snow that blankets Michigan in whiteness.

I begin to be a friend of autumn's visit only to know inside that summer will have its revenge once more.

My winter wonderland in Detroit this years will unfold as this heart, at least, is gratefully welcoming.

Hello Fall, my old friend!

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  1. Hi Father,Im Ann Boutt,the Lector at 5pm Ste. Anne de Detroit.Would like to join the M.A.L.E. Group.Email Thanks and it was a wonderful Mass last Saturday.