Monday, June 15, 2015

'Celebrating Family' Thursday in the Warren, Michigan Civic Center

Family intends to rock Thursday at 6 pm in the Warren Civic Center Atrium near Twelve Mile and Van Dyke, just north of Detroit. Clergy and civic leaders, among others, will affirm that our founders created a balance of power in our government to protect against any assumption of influence, and, personal policies of all leaders. What's right is right. Like good Guardians, family as the basic foundation of our society, is protected by our founders, in the notes of James Madison, for example, among others. An independent judiciary was created as "an impenetrable bulwark against every assumption of power in the legislative or executive" branches, claimed James Madison. Madison, among other founders, aimed to be "guardians" of our precious rights. The balance of power ensures that government and law is kept in check with a clear conscience. It is time to found this Nation again with the vision of our founders. "A people without a vision perish," notes the Good Book. It is about time that our revered vision be revived anew.

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