Friday, June 5, 2015

Detroit Tent Revival Near Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Apartments

Bar-B-Que. Bible study. 12-Step Raps. A ROCKING TENT REVIVAL! YES, a tent revival planned for Wednesday, August 26th, 6:30- 88:30 pm at Chene/Lafayette across from the MLK, Jr. Apartments. There will be rapping, rocking, rolling, and more with Archbishop George Stallings, Jr., among other inspiring agents of God, and, the Beloved Community of Dr. King. Yes, there will be! Welcome with your voices, soul/heart, living Temples, trumpet, guitar, keyboard, choir, solo singers, and more as we STAND IN THE GAP as the prophet in the Bible says. Rev. Doctors Sidney and Yvette Griffin of Detroit Pilgrim Baptist Church, near 7 Mile/Ryan, Rev. David Kasbow of Metro Family Church, Rabbi Dorit and Shimon Edut, Bishop W.T. Isaac of Promise of Life on McNichols near the Southfield Freeway, Bishop Barnes of Internatonal Ministries and More, Keyanna Sweeney, the manager of the MLK,Jr., Apartments, among others, are helping to plan this event with Archbishop George Stallings, Jr., of Washington, D.C., Bishops Thomas Gumbleton, Donald Hanchon, Michael Byrnes, Arturo Cepeda, Catholic Alumni Club, Carol Hofer, among others, including Lori Tims, a Team for Justice Advocate, and, the Detroit Pastoral Alliance, AND, MANY MORE supporters. Join us THIS Monday, IN THE MLK, JR. COMMUNITY CENTER (enter on Chene, midway between Larned/Lafayette), June 8th from 11 am until 12 Noon to plan further this TENT ROCKING REVIVAL. Please come Monday to plan and bring your musical instruments, whistles and diverse tongue to praise the Maker August 26th! PLEASE COME THIS MONDAY AND HELP US GET THIS REVIVAL ROCKIN, RAPPIN AND MORE! Father Ventline 313 530 2777


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