Thursday, September 17, 2015

Married Couples, Family Income, Poverty, and an Angelic Phrase to Protect the First Institution of the Sacred Scriptures

New estimates of 2014 poverty and income just published show that poverty increased among groups that are traditionally less vulnerable: Married couples with children and people age twenty-five and older with at least an undergraduate degree. According to reports, no President has done as bad by the middle class in modern times. Other resources now note that growth rather than social justice needs to be the measuring standard. That will be tough in a time and culture of entitlement-mentality, and increasing dependence on federal monies by individuals and others. All of this points to indicators of even more anxiety and anger disorders in the work of counselors and clergy, among others, especially the fledgling American family that could use all the help it can get from people getting back to work and buoying the economy in urban areas, and more. Detroit's poverty rate below $24,0000 incomes is highest in the Nation at over 39 per cent. The future, I must confess looks bleak in a 'feel-good,' politically-correct-driven America that would rather be comforted by lies than the facts and truth. After all, C.S. Lewis noted that the question about religion is not whether it makes one feel good, no, it's about whether religion is true. God help us work to provide hope within and around ourselves in a culture of violence and reduced respect for all of human life in and outside the womb, coupled with global wars erupting everywhere. Such fracture further divides children broken by conflict, longing for family affection, unity, and, mentoring by mom and dad. The village and neighborhood may help also with effective, functional examples of the common good. Angel of God, my guardian dear. . . may I be moved to stand up fearlessly for, and, defend the first institution of the Bible, and, my America. Family First! For sure.

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