Tuesday, September 8, 2015

War Room Is Number One - A Bit of Restorative Faith in a Fledgling Family

Tops. A shattered marriage of Liz, who is Priscilla Shirer, merges with some mentoring by Miss Clara, who is Karen Abercrombie in a thrilling, laughable and most loveable cinematography. War Room, a remarkable and fast-moving, funny drama, is No. 1. It topped the Labor-day weekend with close to $13 million in about 1,500 theaters. With about thirty inter-religious leaders, steered by Bishop Jerry Pepisco, and, his wife Sherill, of Evangel Christian Ministries in Roseville, Michigan, this flick had me in stitches with all my feelings flowing freely from glad to sad, and, everything in-between. Faith-based movies are bringing throngs of people into theaters everywhere these days filling the longing for moral meaning and purpose-driven living in an oft-void culture we inhabit all around us. War Room is the top hit for director Alex Kendrick. His, Courageous title, in 2011 and Fireproof flick in 2008 cashed in at $34.5 and 33.5 million, according to bean counters. The crowd I was with went over to a new National Coney Restaurant nearby following the movie to unpack its pearls of wisdom. For me, I'd love a spiritual director like Miss Clara, who I affectionately call, Grandma God working for Jesus like a fury of fire catching on in Liz' fragile home first, only to ignite neighbors, the workplace, and beyond. Like an amassing snowball copycatting is everywhere. Applause to the producers. The world needs this movie for mending a broken home, or two, on your block. Bring on more. Enter more makers of movies like this. The faithful, and more, are hungry. Real hungry. Beyond any need of reconstructing Genesis' male/female marriage partners, this film only aims to strengthen marriage and family as the Bible's first institution. No need here to remake God's marriage design, as in the latest fad of the five attorneys who wrongly decided for so-called democracy in America.

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