Saturday, May 14, 2016

Birds in the Glass Windex Commercial

You may say I kind of felt like those birds in the Windex commercial on television. I walked into what I thought was a glass door. It was a glass panel at Firn Wood in Clinton Township, MI. After a funeral luncheon, I was exiting the building when I noticed a crowd of smokers blocking the exterior doors where I needed to leave. So...I decided to move east to the other end of the building to secure an exit. Well, every other door was locked from the inside, go figure. As I moved to the reight I was what looked like a door that was propped open. Wrong. It was a glass panel. No, I did not make it through the glass. Transparent glass wall: One. Ventline: Zero. Plus a closed head injury with a severe migraine headache. Add post traumatic stress disorder after rattling my brain. Nothing was like this since I walked into my brother, Lukas' baseball bat when I was twelve, I guess. No marks from that, Tom, I assured me, handing me my two copies of a DVD imaging from the Cat Scan...three words he repeatedly said. Yet, I can't remember. Don't get older. Mind goes. And, you may walk into an imaginary glass door...that is really a glass wall. Time me Sam What a trip. Stay home at my age? I doubt it. Life is full. So full. I will get through this tunnel also. Amen!

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