Saturday, May 14, 2016

Time for the National Guard to come into our urban killings of kids

It is. Marge Hallman, my 25-year aide for Care of the Soul and Companions' Counseling All Faiths Festival will host a clergy and civic leaders' meeting as we go down memory lane and remember Molly Bish and her kidnapping in West Warren, MA., and her demises decades ago. A lovely high school junior at her lifeguard post, she disappeared one morning. And, never showed up until a hunter found parts of her foot in the woods while hunting. Molly's parents have never been the same. Care of the Soul's A-FF is twenty-five...and I'm 40 years at 'pastoring' at Chene and Lafayette in downtown Detroit and the Pope Park in Hamtamck, MI.. Complimentary people there. I love em all. I boss says he's doesn't trust my pastor care. Sure glad this Kingdom worker knows that God loves it all. God does. Thanks, Maker of women and men!

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