Thursday, February 16, 2017

MORNING Fresh air fills me this new day. The sun shines. God's son, Jesus, and me, others, and all may radiate in a new way with a smile amid a trial, for example. Then comes the morning -- the song comes to mind. It does. Light breaks forth from the dark day's passing. Illumination. Movements of the spiritual life move in from masking and pretending to purging the masquerading, to divine union of consolation and blessing and favor. Masks are removed, and, I am told I am loved by Someone far beyond by understanding. I surrender to the greatest One. As I am, I am affirmed. Light pokes. Love lights me up, so to speak. Oneness within God enters now. One. Nice. Even sweet! I am one with the Maker in the Circle of Life. Divine union. A light pokes forth fresh. It does. It's morning. I am forever grateful for a new day. I am.

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