Thursday, February 16, 2017

THE DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL: Not to be Anxious. . . Anxiety. One is affirmed to be not anxious. The great and inspiring scriptures of the faith traditions, including, Christian writings and THE WORD OF GOD, affirm to be secure in the Ground of all being, namely, God. Yet, one is. I am. Anxiety is real. I went through it. It is dark. A black tunnel. It is a deep hole. An ache within. Indescribable until I identify it as anxiety. I name it. I claim it as my own. And, by the grace and favor and blessing of the Maker, I tame it in time. I do! A grateful heart endures again. Fresh air I feel. An appetite is restored. Joy comes in the morning. Night passes. Anxiety is useless. But, it reminds me to be in motion. After all, the opposite of it is expression. I do something meaningfully and move on out of it. I change my physical place, get out of the house, visit someone in the hospital, or, the jail, or my siblings. I pass through the dark night of the soul. A childhood friend told me that in his own tired being all he could pray was: God, help me!

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