Thursday, February 16, 2017

ON THE MOVE AND MORE Like a gypsy I am on the move. From one cherished home to another that is not right and flawed. And, homes of hospitality, and, a guest room I stay with joy . Non one takes my joy. I can only surrender it. Yet, a flaw is not disclosed in the selling documents of one recently purchased home. I am disappointed. What can I do? Sad. But, I move on. . . with the help of the Creator who is in it all somewhere. Somewhere! Where, however, I do not know. I don't know. From home to home I visit my people, my favored flock. I stay some time and travel to the next relative's domain, or, friends' hospitality from Livonia, MI., to Roseville, to Romeo. All will be well. I try not to fool myself. But, all will be well. I move on. Stay focused and centered and move on. Motion. Locomotion. Expression and I traverse and enjoy what is present to me. God is there. Grateful gratitude envelopes me. I am thankful. Amen.

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