Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mary's Mantle

A brochure seemed to shout at me:

Take me, take me!

What was I supposed to do?

In blue color on the cover of a brochure, titled, Mary's Mantle: A Catholic Residential Home for Expectant Mothers in Oakland County's Southfield, I was curious.

I picked it up.

When demonizing opposing sides is so common in Michigan and national politics and church and society, I read on about this positive place and plan to help expectant mothers experience healthy pregnancies in a faith-based atmosphere of support as a community resource.

It was clear to me that some would not welcome this home for mothers to be.

Yet, the alternatives to a home such as Mary's Mantle, only leave a pregnant mom feeling alone, unloved and frigthened about the end of her baby's life.

Where is mom and child to go?

Years ago, I recall the much-loved bishop of Saginaw, MI., Ken Unterner, a native of Detroit, encouraging his parishioners to walk with pregnant moms all the way to fruition.

Rubber met the road in Saginaw. Talk was not enough the good bishop instructed. Action was key.

Near Ten and one-half mile at Telegraph there is a home for eighteen-year-old moms and older with residential nuns who serve as mentors along with care givers.


In the womb.

Outside the womb.

Life is precious.

Mary's Mantle stands up for life.

I want to also.

Always when so much war, destruction and consequences of violence in and outside humans are tearing this nation and my heart apart.

Good for Mary's Mantle (, 248 376 5338, PO Box 115, Bloomfield Hills, MI, 48303-0115), named afte Mary, the mother of the revered Jesus the Christ, who said, "I have come to give you life and give it more abundantly."


It's all we have.

And, we can do better on all fronts.

Inside the womb.

And, outside as battles brew and we're on the wrong side of international and personal politics so often.


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