Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rocky Mountain High


What's in it for you?

Vacationing in Colorado Springs, Vale, Aspen, and Snowmass is the time of one's life.

Pike's Peak is way up above sea level. Our cog train moved its way ascending to the high point in the pastoral green mountains.

Getting away is good for everyone.

Getting another view of things is also recommended.

My eight days began with a retreat in Snowmass at the St. Benedict Monastery where the Trappists live and work.

My 3/4 quarter-mile hike back and forth to the chapel kept me in shape.

I reminded myself I was to move slowly, after all, this is a retreat.

Quiet and solitude is good.

It helps one calm down and be still in a frenetic culture.

The inspiring Pike's Peak is enough to renew any soul.

Summer is fading.

Vacation time calls.

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