Saturday, July 10, 2010

What's in It for You - Angry Feelings?

If there's something in it for me, we all seem to flock to that which enriches me.

But, what about anger?

What's in it for you, for me?

Why do statistics show alarming numbers of persons engaging angry feelings these days?

Is road rage, domestic and global poverty, conflict with a spouse or boss, for example,
filled with benefits for you and me?

Anger is the feeling - among the 7 deadly or capital sins for Catholics - that rings the alarm bell that one is being treated unfairly.

What's in anger for you, for me?

Heightened blood pressure, release of cortisol, and mounting stress, to name the fray of angry people.

All of that, let alone the raging relationship, loss of esteem, feelings of guilt, and violation of
one's own, and another's dignity and worth.

After all, one is made in the image and likeness of God.

That's enough to ponder to put any angry person in awe of the beauty in which each is created.

In fact, in the sermon on the mount, the wise and much-loved Jesus said:

"You shall not kill," and, adds to it the prescription of anger, hatred and vengeance. (Mt. 5:21)

The true story of a prizefighter who was knocked to the canvas in the third round illustrates how one can make anger work for him or her with a time out.

Hit, the fighter didn't get up until after the 10-count.

"Why didn't you get up, you crazy,? demanded his manager, after the fight.

"I was so mad at being floored by that jerk," explained the defeated fighter, "that I thought I'd better count to ten befor I did anything."

Take a time out to be remade in God's image.

One way to move from anger to poise in the moment of anger is to pray for direction, to calm the raging feelings.

Anger blinds one, yet prayer and a connect with the Creator amid anger restores sight.

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