Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Is Christianity Political?

Is it?

Is Christianity political?

The word, politics, means, people.

Where we find people in the public square, we will have politics.

Yet, what offends people, it seems to me, is when Christianity is "politicized" for one's own means, ends, and, agenda.

"I was out of the church on Eleven Mile Road in Warren when she (the leader) preached politics," my physician told me.

"She was supportive of creating a Department of Peace," I responded to my doctor as she listened intently.

Christianity is a fine line that crosses boundaries easily in the realm of politics.

Is abortion political?

It is a moral issue. Always was before Roe V Wade. Are same-gender unions political? Stem cell research? Euthanasia? Capitol punishment? Cheating in filing one's income tax? Gossip?
So . . .

Life, people and politics.

People want to be inspired, motivated to move from their center and soul within to morph and mend a broken and lost nation.

That's a tall order in itself, isn't it?

Entangling faith with politicis gets risky, and, gets people walking out of churches who cross the line from inspiration to politics.

Excuses may occupy the hearts and minds of many to walk from faith.

However, keeping one's focus on faith inspiring parishioners to make the difference in the public square may keep one from crossing the line.

What do you think?

Why do you believe and practice regularly at a synagogue, temple, church or mosque?

What irks you about preaching?

When does the preacher cross the line between faith and politics?

The Founders of this great Nation encouraged people to embrace religion, still, to keep
separation or entangling State and Church, no?

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