Sunday, August 29, 2010

School Bells Ringing

Another school year begins for youngsters these days.

Lots is learned in school.

Amid risk, many children enter the classroom.

As goals and objectives are set to raise the bar, educators will
strive to meet standards required of them.

Information will pour into children.

However, what stayed with me was the experience in school.

How a teacher shamed me in kindergarten gym class lingers long.
How a music teacher told me I couldn't sing.

Performance was the name of the game, it seemed in school.

Win. Suceed.

Little "inner" education was encouraged, however.

Years after my formal education, l learned that males are at risk.
They are not taught the mysteries of life: I don't get everything I want.
I may be excluded, rejected. I may not pass every test. I may lose or
be passed over for a position I wanted.
I may get sick. I will die, one day.

All the performance, and cry to win at any price is met with dire
consquences, however.

One's true self - one's soul - needs growing as well as one's mind and body.

This is the challenge for education today.

Unless the focus changes, we can continue to expect violence to win.

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