Thursday, August 5, 2010

Roots, Relationships, People and Politics

Leaders, the likes of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. may need to walk again.

Walk together, that is.

In union.


Our U.S. constitution hardly called for attorneys and other holders of law degrees, to run this Nation I love.

Go look for yourself.

You'll see.

The various trades were among the founders. Not attorneys. Or, canon lawyers, running the Catholic Church for example. Go figure.

Why should you be wondering and walking in protest ... together?

That's what it will take to get our government back and its traditions in the spirit of the Founders, not lawyers from the Ivy-leagues schools who seem to be the only one's who matter when it comes to leaders and those eleceted to manage my homeland.

This primary election is a good example of the "learned helplessness" Americans are feeling when it comes to our government, its example, its lawyers, and it peculiar interpretation of who is to make up our governmental leaders.

Talk to me once you check out the U. S. Constitution.

Tell me what I say isn't so. . .

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