Tuesday, June 14, 2011

(Dys)functional Family

Call them a dysfunctional family.

It seems to be going around these days, doesn't it?

They came from across the country and met at Cobo Center in Detroit, while another group of the same family and organization met in Livonia, Michigan.

Each wanted something different from their parents, their leaders.

In fact, one group blasted bishops, while the other supported their every decree.

And. . . they met in separate rooms, so to speak, across town, as in a house with teens in their own separate rooms, and, well their parents, their leaders, they didn't know what to do.

They let them be.

Entrenched in their own truths, they talked to each other in separate enclaves, and, the media let the rest of the world know of their deliberations.

One leader, parent supported one group while declaring the other far from the rules of the family.

So . . .

They remained intrenched, unwilling to speak.

One group demanded obedience at any price to truths taught, while the other wanted change
and reform.

For a few days this past weekend each group met and listened to speakers on who is a Catholic, for example, or, on marriage, and, concluded.

They went back to their rooms like teen-agers, called to the family dinner they hate.

They remain who they were when they started their proceedings.

They prefer dysfunction over dialogue.

So sad.

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