Monday, June 13, 2011

Organisms Grow, Or, Die

Everyone knows that organisms grow, or die.

They change, and move, and morph readily each day.

Humans, among those organisms, change and change often.

Life requires that. Life is like that, you know. Questions are explored, and, often remain unanswered and inconclusive.

People remind us of change always. Galileo did when he claimed the earth revolved around the sun. While others condemned him, as you know, he knew the earth moved, like each of us do daily.

My own parents changed often. Michigan is like that, you know. With seven kids, two sets of twins among them, how could they not change often, adjust, work tirelessly, and more.

A pastor I knew as I was growing up said that marks of the church included one, holy Catholic, apostolic, and changing.

Changing . . .that one is not among the usual marks.

Thirty-five years I have witness people change, and, change they have.

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