Saturday, January 28, 2012

Garbage Can Lessons: A Study

Last summer, debris was piling up near St. Claud Chapel on Beaconsfield north of 14 Mile Road in Clinton Township, MI., near my residence.

So, I put a large garbage can where people passing could deposit the debris.

They did, thanks be to God, who I think, likes good stewards and security with a quality of life.

It was filled to the brim for me to empty periodically, and, return.

When hybernation time came with Winter, however, I thought that the can could be stored in the garage.


Pizza boxes, plastic and paper piled up where the can sat all summer.

Listen to the garbage can, or, at least, to the will of the people, who learned to keep the area clean as creatures of habit.

The garbage disposal is back ready to be filled to the brim again, thanks to the people of God!

Common sense.

And, a lesson I learned in this study of people, and, how they behave.

Thank you!

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