Monday, January 2, 2012

Goals for 2012

People claim that resolutions for the new year won't work.

I disagree.

Goals are good.

They keep us aiming at something.

For me, walking everyday for at least 20 minutes will be a goal I take seriously.

For wellness, exercise is as hepful as any opportunities for growth and education to keep one's mind healthy.

Keeping the end in mind at the start of as one sets out to strive to keep a goal is worth the aim.

For example, do I want to keep my soul and body well in 2012?

Of course.

So, how will I do that?

A daily examination of conscience with the Scriptures is a good start. The golden rule helps steer one well.

The daily walk works well doing the trek at a regular time, like naming a time to pray early each day.

Goals are realized in daily steps or chunks.

One step, one day at a time works best.

Just as with directions to a store or restaurant work well, a map each day does the job.

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