Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gospel of John - The Movie

Every generation - every person, really - finds their own way to connect to Jesus Christ and his teachings. "The Gospel of John" stars actor Henry Ian Cusick who young people will surely recognize from the ABC monster hit show "LOST." This is a loyal retelling of the Book of John and, refreshingly, it takes its time getting its religion teachings across. But, with the help of Cusick and a talented director this is the perfect movie to show young people or in class. They will surely enjoy it and the teachings will come through.

Watch The Gospel of John - The Movie or visit Documentary-Log.com to watch documentaries online.

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  1. Yes! Chiming in for our young people in church and society, hail to Fr. Ventline, and his readeres, and those who he listens to, and, his many adviosrs, I'm sure.

    More supportive stuff for our young church!