Friday, October 19, 2012

Go Tigers!

Everyone wants a winner!

And, Detroit has one in its Detroit Tiger baseball team who just swept the American league title.

Ray Malinowski, a boyhood friend, invited me to the title-winning game against New York Thursday night.  His daughter, Jenniffer, and, boyfirend, Joey, couldn't use the tickets Thursday after the rain apparently called the game near 10 pm Wednesday.

42,000 fans packed the place last night.

Everybody was happy, it seemed.

They clapped, stood, and applauded often.

Homeruns by the homtown team assured a sweep of the Yanks.

Detroit needs winners.

As we all get into the spirit of champions we can be champions right where we are at any given moment, for sure.

One more hurdle to take the title.

We can do this.

Champions are like that!

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