Thursday, October 4, 2012

Only Charity

For sure.

On this feast of Saint Francis of Assisi, Italy, I recall how he received a vision, he claims, to "rebuild my church," so, he went about patching, laying bricks, repairing roofs, I imagine, but, the voice repeated:

"Rebuild my church."

Francis got it.  He bagan to rebuild with only love.  God's version,  Not his own.  Or, anyone else's.

While people may condemn you, hate you, betray you or more, only God's love is the order of the day, no? When names come or criticism, or envy, or, any of the capital sins, for example, charity is the way to respond.  Only love.  All the rest is politics that gets us all into trouble and away from our God who is love!

Take, for example, a letter that went out to Jay McNally, a former editor of the diocese's paper, noting that I do interfaith work but in no way speak for the archbishop.


Where that letter originated, I'm unsure. That's OK.  Why, it doesn't matter, does it?

After all, my "cryptic" assignment, as the beloved Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, calls it, was given by the AOD, MI.  He knows Jesus' love, for us to follow, for sure, no?

Even though I wonder why Ned McGrath seems to fear a recent piece that Rabbit Edut and I wrote for The Oakland Press, I still love after the heart of Jesus the Christ.  The lone way, truth, and life!

We all know that.

Maybe a reminder is all we need, as Seneca, the philospher, noted centuries ago. New information is unnecessary.  A reminder of the scriptures and the Life who leads us works best!

God is love!

The rest is politics that I want to steer clear of since love is the recipe the master and Lord gives me.

Practice is what it takes.  Daily.  Now. And, always. 


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