Friday, June 28, 2013

Building Bridges

Linking lives, building bridges, reconciling hearts that are bruised and broken.

That's hard work.

Yet, the Church wants to link arms with the followers of all religions.

The aim in this fruitful dialog is to see the true good of everyone and of the culture and society as well.

Derided by conflicts, violence and raging and waging wars, we long and yearn for serenity and peace.

Peace comes from God.

Peace is prayed for from, with  God, the source of it.

Living out on this planet urges us to see peace as a duty and obligation.  All of us are in need to working for peace.  Dialogue is vita to this initiative to live together well.

We must become architects and artisans of peace daily.

God summons us to live and work for peace.

I'm hoping clergy will join Rabbi Dorit Edut, Imam Abdullah El-Amin and me Wednesdays at 12 noon in La Dolce Vita Restaurant to step up to the plate for dialogue in a fledgling Detroit, and world.

Write us at, will you?

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