Friday, June 28, 2013

Good-bye Saint Peter, Harper Woods, MI., and Saint Sylvester, Warren, MI


That is not enough when loss is endured.

After decades these two churches close Sunday with services in the morning at each edifice.

Then what?

Another gathering with a meal follows for each parish community.

Grief entails that.

Loss is hard.

After investments of self, our sources, and more, these communities go their way Sunday.

How sad.

Sadder is witnessing to the multiple churches and schools imploding.

When my own parish church of Saint Thomas closed over thirty years ago, people knelt on the steps ascending to the multiple doors of the Romanesque edifice.

Parishioners protested.

They did.

Today, learned helplessness abounds.

A shortage of priest personnel prompts the shuttering across the nation.

Lack of sources, and imagination is also a cause of closure.

Communities need to come together.

Originally, in homes, at the seashore and elsewhere, people met and prayed and praised.

We can do this.

We will.

God is here.


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