Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Time, New Man, Woman

Each new year, in fact, each new day, gives me the chance to be a new person with a fresh start.

At boot camp, the three-decades-old inmate is struggling with his three-month program.  "I need prayers and divine help," he noted to me the other day.

At the point of struggle one may want to quit.


There's a breakthrough there somewhere in that challenge to be the new person.

All of Scripture speaks of keeping one's eye on the prize, the end product, the goal, heaven, for sure.

2014 can be such a year.

But, detail will be necessary for that to happen in any one of us.

It's required.


Specifically, how will I make this new year different and renewing?


I told my chiropractor I wanted to put into practice the O positive blood-type diet of no gluten, no potatoes, no pork.

Like a workout, he adjusted my bones.

I felt the ache.

"It's all hard in there," he said.

Come every four days, he recommended.

I'll work on this project.

Indeed, I will starting today.


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