Monday, December 16, 2013

Snow's Way of Changing Things

The first big snow storm Sunday sent schedules in a tizzy, reports show.

Three events were changed for the afternoon when more of the wet, white stuff still powdered the Detroit area, concluding Royal Oak, Roseville and Harrison Twp.

So, not wanting to endanger life, I decided to go to the baptismal party at Big Jack's in Roseville.
I'd forget the other two events, including a house party, and, a Knights of Columbus event on the other side of town.

I'm glad I chose to be at Mason's baptismal party.

Memories of Mason, and his future, were written on tags placed on a memory tree.

Mine read:

"Stay close to your family and God," I noted.

It's a recipe worth guiding the young lad's life, I thought.

How could anyone lose with God and family, anyhow?

A crowd ate home-made soup, cabbage rolled over beef, and more Polish dishes that Mason's mom made through the night after a long trek home from the mountains where Tamara and her husband drive rigs and truck beds for a living.


Who would have though that this Christian initiation rite could mean so much to young Mason who relished all the attention, and, to me.

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