Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Called for Jury Duty

One never knows when the summons will call.

At least, I didn't.

But, the surprise came and 8:15 am today was the call to report for jury duty.

I watched videos about the service, hear a judge speak about the judicial system, waited, and, waited some more.  In fact, 132 of us waited.

We were give a break for fifteen minutes to walk about Mt. Clemens, MI.

Fresh air sounded good.

When I returned we waited some more.

By 11 am, however,  the receptionist said that we weren't all needed so she called out my number to conclude my jury duty.

With a letter in hand and a $13.01 check to arrive within three weeks, I left.  And, she said she wouldn't call for a year.

So much for democracy.

A delightful experience relishing the time with other in the same boat.

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