Monday, May 26, 2014


Like a merry-go-round, this latest rite of routine serial violence by 20-30-year olds is more common than blowing one's nose these days, it seems.


The 22-year-old lad on his rampage in California, killing six and himself, proves that hurt people hurt people.

They do.

We do.

And, if young people are not taught early the mysteries of life - I don't get everything I want in life; I will be rejected and excluded at times in school, will get sick, lose a love, a life, a job, a pet, for example and, die - then, when refused, abandoned, angry, or more about entitled feelings, I may strike out, even gun down with hate.

That seems to be the ritual of violence daily in the U.S.A.

Unless this cycle is stopped with constructive choices and mentoring of our boys and girls early on, we will grieve a little, move on, and, see this same practice repeat itself in crime, drive-by shootings, more.

God help us.

God, help me to stand up and make a difference in my own, and, another's life.

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