Friday, July 18, 2014


It is exciting to walk the streets near Chene and Jefferson in zip code 48207.

Near the Elmwood Park Library, a walk in the mall next to the high rise is telling.

All of God's people are here.

One gals walks about with a can of beer in a brown bag.  Children are skateboarding.

A crowd of men are drinking in the shady area of this park.

They join the small group of us under a tree sitting on the benches nearby as we rap about God and more.

They are engaging people.

Seemingly honest also.

Meaningfulness is what they seek, it seems, but, what would I know.

However, I do believe, they love life in their quest for more.

I love ministering with them all.

Respect is key in all we say and do.

We will return tomorrow under the same tree.

Join us.

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