Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Listening to Love

No one wants to be taught, to be criticized, to be blamed, to be reminded, to solve problems, or to be minimized when all one wants at any given time is to be listened to by another.

True more so of a child.

When people want to correct and criticize me when all I want is for her or him to listen to me, engaging in dialogue becomes a chore, if not impossible.

Children want a safe place to open up to mom or dad, or, to a mentor, or more.

Since a parent feels responsible for a child's wellbeing, she or he may want to always correct, teach, or influence the child in some way.

Taking time to listen is a skill learned and earned over time.

Adults may get turned off to another person when he or she insists, or rants on and on in an effort to convince the other of another perspective.


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Learn to recognize the unique personality of each family member; solve everyday puzzles of steparenting and stepchildren relationships; learn communication skills to deal with former spouses;
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