Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Life of a Priest

Off to Mass after some quiet prayer time much earlier and a cup of coffee.

Appointments followed at nearby Elmwood Park community, a favorite spot where an hour is spent daily, at least.

One guy in a wheelchair accepted "Everybody's Prayer Book," a highlight for many I visit there.

Some errands follow.

Off to Harrison Township to sort notes in my garage as I prepare to sell my condo in a sleepy sort of town.

After an hour I'm off to Celina's for lunch at Harper and 13 Mile Road in St. Clair Shores.  There, some conversation with multiple people enlivens my day.

A classmate from high school is arriving by 4:30 for dinner and the Tiger ballgame.  I look forward to that after some phone calls are returned.

And, another pause in prayer.

The pace and practice and prayer of a pastor's day.


I'll sleep well as usual.

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