Thursday, February 26, 2015

Center, Hamtramck, Michigan USA

Daily, almost without exception, the word, center, comes to mind.

Listening to others and myself, moderation is at that center of self, one's soul.

It is.


Philosophers always speak of balance, moderation, center.

And, like the balancing "teeter totter," praying some, working some, socializing some, eating some, greeting some, giving, and forgiving. . .

Life is about the center.

That's what life seems to be about in the interfaith center I just opened in Hamtramck, Michigan where 42 per cent of the residents are from Yemen, Banladesh, Africa, Poland, Bosnia, and more.

Keeping centered with moderation beyond extreme poles of behaviors is key in such a diverse town.



Center between the two poles of the extremes where one best not go in his or her activity.

Now, for some still time.

For balance beyond a frenetic pace.


Praise God for this way of being always.

All ways.

So be it.


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