Saturday, February 28, 2015

Two Servants: Hesburgh, Schwedler

Theodore Hesburgh was a national servant.

William Schwedler was a local servant.

Both will be missed.

By me, at least.

Father Hesburgh of the University of Notre Dame was a pastor who said his influence was necessary for the public square.

It was.

He made a difference where he was. 

He stood tall when others simply sat and said nothing.

Fairness/justice were important virtues and strengths for Father Ted of South Bend, IN..

It was important to local East Pointe, MI., leader Bill Schwedler also.

While I learned of Schwedler's death in the newspaper today, I knew of his dedication to the outcasts of society.

Like clockwork, Bill would lead Bible study at the jail on Groesbeck and Elizabeth in Macomb County each Monday.  I joined him for Mass on Mondays.

At 79, he was dedicated to serving the inmates.

When I called twice last week, there was no response.  I wondered how he was and asked Tina, the receptionist at the jail.

She didn't know either and didn't see him.

One just never knows when one is called home.

Bill wondered and worried about his future as we chatted about his health.

Two servants. Two great Catholics.

They both loved people and those on the margin.

Ted and Bill.

They both led well.  They lived out Matthew 25.  I am grateful to both.

I will miss them both.

They exemplified stooping low to to lift the lowliest up high.

They did.

Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord!

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