Wednesday, February 18, 2015

From Ashes . . .

From ashes to Easter.

Christians, particularly, Catholics, mark the "springtime" season of Lent, an Old English word, and, a forty-day period of penitence, fasting from food, and more, and intense charity of giving, (for)giving, and outreach.

For me, personally, this Lenten time through the beginning of the Mass of the Lord's Supper at the Gloria on Holy Thursday, the day before Good Friday, will be morphing and mending.

To track progress, I intend to write down in a journal how grateful moments each day fill the life of others, and, myself, for example.

After all, an attitude of gratitude is a pure prayer.

That was noted on a plaque in my boss' office at Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center in Memphis, Michigan where I was an assessment and addictive behaviors counselor.

An attitude of gratitude.

I like that.

Thanksgiving is what Eucharist, from the Greek word, "eucharistan" means.

We become who we receive, the body of Christ, according to Augustine of Hippo, present-day Africa.

And, Lent  is enhanced by my fasting, daily praying of Liturgy of the Hours, and, other devotionals, and of course, the source and summit our the Christian life, the Mass, as the second ecumenical Vatican Council II, notes.

Bring on Lent.

Only to be outdone by Easter rising of Jesus the Christ!

Thanks be to God!

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