Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Meaningful Living

Without meaning, or, a purpose for living each day, life seems futile.

While suicides are up along with diabetes, and an epidemic of obesity, let alone violence everywhere these days, I know people who fill their lives with a reason to live for daily.

That makes all the difference in the world.

It does.

A visit to the jail, to Detroit's Gratiot and McClellan's delicious On the Rise Bakery managed by the Capuchins, a chat with someone in the hospital, or, homebound, I find that that I come away from these experiences more blessed.

Purpose is fulfilling.

It makes one feel appreciated and satisfied along the way.

Whether thirty or fifty-four, or more, a reason to live for can fuel's anyone's life through a travail of tears, turns and twists, and, unexpected, even, life-threatening news.

Purpose with a prayer each day puts me in place to know who I am.  That is, that I am a creature who can do something to make a difference.

I try each day.

It's a deciding factor between happiness and despair.

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